Instagram Launches AI-Driven New Feature

Instagram Launches AI-Driven Feature That Flags Potentially Offensive Captions


Instagram Launches AI-Driven Feature That Flags Potentially Offensive Captions: Instagram has recently rolled out a new feature that alerts users when they’re about to publish a potentially offensive caption. Now, when Instagram’s AI-Driven Feature detects a caption that it believes could be offensive, it shows a pop-up that gives the users a chance to pause and reconsider their words before posting which reads “This caption looks similar to others that have been reported.”


The social media platform recognizes its function in online bullying and hopes this new feature will encourage its users to “pause and reconsider” their words before sharing them with the world. Instagram already rolled out a similar feature for comments earlier this year, which it states has shown promising results. To create these new features, Instagram’s staff developed and tested AI that is able to identify various types of bullying on the platform.

If a user ever encounters the pop-up notification, they are going to be given the option to edit their caption, learn more about Instagram’s terms and conditions or go forward and publish the flagged content. It is essential to notice that Instagram is not going to really block users from posting their potentially offensive captions.

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If the content is marked as false or partly false, Instagram will reduce its distribution, consequently removing it from the Explore tab as well as hashtag pages. Furthermore, inaccurate content can even be labeled so and everybody throughout Instagram – in feed, profile, stories, and direct messages – will be able to it that way.

Instagram has confirmed that this new feature has already begun to select nations ahead of its global rollout, which can occur over the next few months.

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