UK Ambassador Robert Macaire is Arrested in Tehran While Protesting on Iran Plane Crash

Iran Plane Crash: UK Ambassador Robert Macare is Arrested During Anti-Government Protest in Tehran


Iran Plane Crash: Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said that the Iranian administration had briefly detained the UK ambassador in Tehran. Ambassador Robert Macaire was reportedly detained during protests against the regime in Iran. The ambassador was however released after an hour. “The detention of our ambassador in Tehran without any basis and interpretation is an open violation of international law,” Raab said in a statement after detaining Ambassador Rob Macaire. The minister warned Iran that it is ‘standing at the crossroads’ and must choose either the status of ‘Abandoned Country’ or ‘Steps to reduce tension through dialogue’.


Macaire was detained in Tehran for allegedly ‘inciting’ protesters. The demonstration began in Iran after a Ukrainian plane was accidentally dropped. Iran has admitted that it had mistakenly targeted the aircraft. 176 people died in it. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called the Iran plane crash “an unforgivable mistake”.

US Secretary of State Dominic Raab said in a statement, “The arrest of our ambassador in Tehran without any basis or explanation is a gross violation of international law.” The government of Iran is currently in an atmosphere of turmoil. You can take steps to reduce tension and move forward in the diplomatic path, but such an arrest is not right. ‘

An Iranian newspaper shared the ambassador’s photo on Twitter. At the same time, Iranian media has claimed that Macare was increasing anti-government protests. Iran says it accidentally dropped Ukraine International Airlines flight number PS752. The Iranian military has called it a human error.

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Iranian civilians are enraged at the military’s confession. They have demanded strict punishment of the culprits, considering the mere apology of the army, not enough. Many Iranian citizens have also written posts on social media demanding the resignation of officials, rejecting their apology.

Let us tell you that all 176 people were killed in this accident including crew members, of which 82 were from Iran, 63 from Canada, 11 from Ukraine, 10 from Sweden, four from Afghanistan and 3–3 from UK and Germany.

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