Coronavirus in China

Is China hiding the real figures of the number and deaths of patients suffering from the coronavirus?


Coronavirus in China: Coronavirus has killed 30 thousand people in the world and more than 6 lakh people have been infected with this disease. The coronavirus first spread in Wuhan, China and has so far infected 81,439 people, of which 3,300 died. However, the world is skeptical of the data provided by the Chinese government. So is China hiding the real figures of the number and deaths of patients suffering from the coronavirus? Let’s know what is believed to be the reason.


What is the trend of the world?

It is true that most of the corona infected patients recover. The only danger is those people who already have health problems. However, Italy has lost more than three times as many people as China. In Italy, 92,472 people have been infected with Coronavirus and more than 10,000 people have died. The number of infected in the US has exceeded 1 lakh. Here also 2 thousand people have lost their lives, while the coronavirus infection in America has spread much longer than in China.

Demand for bone urn increases

A Bloomberg report questioned the death toll in China on the basis of rising demand for astragalus. China’s local media has been quoted as saying that a large number of people are reaching ashore in the crematoriums. It says that 5000 kilograms of urns have been ordered in the last two days in a city hall of Wuhan, the center of the Coronavirus. In such a situation, the question arises that if 3300 people have died due to Covid-19, then why has there been a surge in the demand for a bone urn?

Why more than 20 million phones were closed in China?

According to China’s mobile companies, over 20 million mobile phones have been deactivated in the last 2-3 months (January to March). This is the first time the number of telephone users in China has fallen sharply. In such a situation, the question arises that who are those people whose phones are switched off and why?

An argument is being given that the migrant laborers who left the cities and moved to the village due to the coronavirus, stopped using their city number. However, companies have now started working in China. In such a situation, if there is the truth behind this argument, then these phones will be turned on again in the next few days, if it does not, then it is believed that there is some black in the pulses.

There is a doubt on China

Actually the Chinese media is not independent. From there, the same news comes to the world, which the Chinese government allows to come out. China also initially sought to suppress the coronavirus news. The Chinese government also tortured the doctors who first identified the virus and alerted the government. Questions also arose regarding the origin of the virus. Doubts were also expressed that China was not engaged in the search for any biological weapon? However, nothing can be said with certainty on these things right now. Over time, many questions can arise.

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