K Sivan Said About Vyommitra

K Sivan: ISRO Will Send ‘Vyommitra’ Into Space Before Gaganyaan Mission


K Sivan: ISRO will send ‘Vyommitra‘ into space before Gaganyaan Mission. In view of the launch of the first manned spacecraft program (Gaganyaan) to be held later this year, a robot (humanoid model, which will look like a human) will be sent to better understand the state of space by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which is named ‘Vyomamitra‘.


‘Vyomamitra’ will be launched before the Gaganyaan mission in 2022. No woman is being sent to the Gaganyaan mission, so this robot is being sent as a woman. ISRO scientist Sam Dayal told that it will act like a human and send back the report to us. At the moment, we are doing this as an experiment.

This robot is named Vyommitra. It is capable of many functions, as well as speaks two languages. ISRO chief K Sivan said last year that this robot is fully ready. He said that we want to ensure that these missions serve many purposes beyond demonstrating our ability to send humans and bring them back safely.

The ISRO chief had said that the robot would be sent in two unmanned flights before the actual Gaganyaan mission to be sent. He had said that our robot will be like a human who will be able to perform almost all tasks like a human, although it cannot perform tasks on a large scale like humans.

He further said that we want to inform you that even the first flight will not go empty and it will also be ensured that we make maximum use of this opportunity. We have our own robot (humanoid model) that will be used.

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K Sivan said on 1 January 2020 that ISRO had progressed with the human rating of its systems, including propulsion systems and crew escape modules among other things. Sivan said several systems would need to be tested before the planned unmanned flight for this year. These tests will have air-drop testing under the Crew Escape module and we will also begin crew training for this mission.

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