Lasso Short Video App

Lasso App: Facebook Ready To Launch Short Video Maker App ‘Lasso’ Like TikTok


Lasso Short Video Maker App: Facebook’s short video app Lasso has finally surfaced. Facebook launched its lasso app last year in comparison to TikTok, although this app is currently available only in the US, now it is reported that this app will be introduced in India soon.


According to the report, by May this year, this Lasso short video maker app can be introduced for Indian users. At the same time, it is also news that the company is also working for the integration of Lasso in WhatsApp. After continuous competition from Tiktok to Facebook, the company has decided to launch Lasso in India.

It has been 27 months since the TikTok app arrived in India and 25 crore people have downloaded the app till now. The EnTrackr report claimed that the Lasso app will be launched in India this year. Facebook’s Singapore team is working on it.

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The team is working on every aspect of this app. Another report claimed that the company is also working with several influencers to promote Lasso. Please tell that the Lasso app was launched in the US last year and there have been millions of users of this app. Apart from India, the Lasso app will also be launched in markets like Indonesia.

Lasso app features

A large library for music will be found in Lasas. Apart from this, in addition to video editing tools on the camera, many effects will be found. Users will also be informed about trends and fresh hashtags.

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