Lockdown 4: PM Narendra Modi may announce about coronavirus lockdown extension at 8 pm tonight

Lockdown 4: PM Narendra Modi may announce about coronavirus lockdown extension at 8 pm tonight


Lockdown 4: There is ongoing speculation about what Prime Minister Narendra Modi will say in the address of the nation at eight o’clock tonight. However, the PM’s marathon meeting with the Chief Ministers yesterday and subsequent statements made it clear that the lockdown is not going to be completely exempt but some concessions may be increased.


PM Modi had said, “Even though we are considering removing the lockdown slowly, it should be remembered that until we find a vaccine or solution, we have the most to fight the virus. The big weapon is social distancing itself. ”The 54-day lockdown released from March 25 is scheduled to end on May 17.

It is clear that the lockdown is not going to end even after the third phase of the lockdown phase ends on May 17, but rather the lockdown-4 is likely to come with some more concessions. The Prime Minister gave the indication yesterday of more concessions in Lockdown 4.


He said that along with the fight against Coronavirus, it is necessary to speed up the business as well. In the video conferencing with the Chief Ministers, PM Modi further said that gradually economic activities have started in many parts and they will intensify in the coming days.

Lockdown set to go

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, while advocating to pursue the lockdown, said that a careful strategy should be made to get out of the lockdown and financial support should be given to the states. Citing the increasing cases of coronavirus in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister K.K. Palaniswami urged the Prime Minister not to allow train services until 31 May.

At the meeting, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that economic activities should be allowed in the national capital except in the Containment Zone. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that local train services should be started in Mumbai for emergency services employees.

Will concessions increase in lockdown-4?

Indicating not to remove the lockdown altogether but to gradually relax the restrictions, Modi said that he firmly believes that the measures needed in the first three phases of the lockdown are not necessarily in the fourth.

He asked the Chief Ministers to suggest a comprehensive strategy by May 15 as to how they wanted to deal with the system of lockdown in their respective states. It is also being speculated that the opinion of the states in Lockdown-4 is going to be very important and the governments will also be allowed to make some decisions regarding the lockdown in their respective states.

Train service will not be fully restored

Referring to the resumption of trains, the Prime Minister said that this was necessary to increase economic activity, but he clarified that services would not be restored on all routes, and trains would run in limited numbers. Modi also said, “I firmly believe that steps deemed necessary in the first phase are not needed in the second phase and similarly, steps deemed necessary in the third phase are not needed in the fourth phase.”

States more rights?

Modi thanked all the Chief Ministers for their support and said, “I request all of you to tell us by May 15 how each of you wants to handle the lockdown in your state.” I want you to make a blueprint of how to deal with things during the lockdown and after gradual relaxation. He said that the biggest challenge for us would be to stop the Covid-19 from spreading to the villages even after the concessions. “The Prime Minister said that the way forward would be decided only on the suggestions of the states.

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