Missile Attack on the US Troops in Iraq

Missile Attack Again on US Troops of Al-Taji Military Camp in Iraq


Missile Attack on the US Troops in Iraq: The US military base in Iraq has been attacked again. The latest attack took place at the al-Taji military camp on Tuesday night. According to the information, at least one rocket fell near the camp.


Young man making a video of Iran plane attack arrested

A new video has emerged about the Ukrainian passenger plane attack. It is seen that the two missiles of Iran smashed the plane into the sky. All 176 people aboard the plane were killed in the incident. This blurry video shows Iran firing two missiles within 30 seconds. This video is made from the roof of a village house.

Iran initially admitted its fault to Nanukur. Police have arrested the man who made the video in this case. At the request of the U.N. aviation regulator, Iran, is joining the investigation of the accident.

Rouhani said – Apologize Armed Forces

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday appealed for the ‘National Unity’ after Ukraine’s plane was crashed. Rouhani said that people want to ensure that the administration treats them with compassion, trust, and honesty. He asked the armed forces to apologize and tell the people how the plane crash happened.

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Let me tell you that on Monday, four rockets were fired at the whereabouts of American soldiers north of Baghdad. Four Iraqi airmen were injured in this missile attack on the al-Balad airbase. Iran had last week fired missiles at US military bases in Iraq after the death of military commander Qasem Soleimani. It claimed that more than 80 Americans were killed in the attack.

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