Modi Cabinet Approves NPR in Delhi Cabinet Meeting

Modi Cabinet Approves NPR in Union Cabinet Meeting, Know How Citizens Will Count


Modi Cabinet Approves NPR in Union Cabinet Meeting, Know How Citizens Will Count: The Modi Cabinet has approved the proposal for the allocation of funds for updates in the National Population Register (NPR). According to sources, a budget of Rs 8700 crore has been fixed for this. There is a house-to-house census preparation for preparing a database of citizens from April 1, 2020, to September 30, 2020, under NPR.


The main goal of NPR is to create a database of comprehensive identification of common residents of the country. This data will also contain biometric information along with demographics. The process of updating NPR is scheduled to begin from April 1 next year.

According to the information given on the official website, the last date for the National Population Register was collected in 2010. When the Census 2011 was being done for 2011. These figures were then updated in the year 2015. For this, door-to-door surveys were conducted. The process of digitizing that data has been completed.

Now the government has decided that during the 2021 Census, these figures will be updated again for all other states and union territories except Assam. A gazetted notification has already been published by the Central Government in this regard.

What is NPR:

  • Through the National Population Register (NPR), the government will be able to keep the information of every citizen of the country.
  • Under this, biometric records of every Indian citizen will be taken and their pedigree will also be recorded.
  • For a resident who has been living in an area for six months or more, it will be mandatory to register with NPR.
  • The government will prepare NPR at the national level, state level, district, sub-district, and local level.
  • The NPR will be prepared in three phases – the first phase will be between April 1 and September 30, 2020. In this, the necessary data will be collected from house to house by the central and state government employees.
  • The second phase will be from 9 February 2021 to 28 February 2021. This will be followed by a third phase, in which necessary amendments will be made to the data collected.

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What information must be provided to every resident:

The person’s name
Relationship with head of household
Father’s name
Mother’s name
The husband/wife’s name
Date of birth
Married or not
Nationality (declared)
Current address where you live
Residence time at current address
Permanent Residential Address
The profession
Educational Qualifications

Why NPR is important:

The basic objective of NPR is to prepare detailed data for identifying every resident of the country. In this, along with the demographic information of every resident, their biometric will also be recorded.

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