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MP Government Crisis: 4 more MLAs of Congress missing, only 88 reached Kamal Nath’s meeting


MP Government Crisis: Amid the political turmoil going on in Madhya Pradesh, 22 MLAs have resigned, after which the crisis has deepened on the Kamal Nath government. This entire situation has come up after the resignation of Jyotiraditya Scindia. In the midst of this whole political development, both Congress and BJP have called a meeting of the Legislature Party.


In the Congress Legislature Party meeting, the Kamal Nath government has received another setback. Only 88 MLAs of Congress have participated in this meeting which started at 6 pm on Tuesday. That is, four more Congress MLAs were missing from the meeting. The Congress meeting lasted for about two hours.

A total of 92 MLAs reached the Congress Legislature Party meeting, of which 4 were independents. Let the Congress have a total of 114 MLAs, out of which 22 have openly resigned, while now four more are missing. That is, a total of 26 MLAs are seen spilling over from the Congress.

Scindia played a big game

For a long time in Madhya Pradesh, the tussle between Kamal Nath and Scindia grew to such an extent that Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from the Congress. Scindia went to meet Amit Shah on Tuesday morning and then sat in the same car with him and met PM Modi. Scindia came out after an hour’s meeting.

Amidst his silence, news came that Scindia would join the BJP and he would be sent to the Rajya Sabha. Apart from this, he will be made a minister at the center. Despite Scindia’s silence and the BJP’s silence on these reports, the whole game was cleared.

When Jyotiraditya was meeting Amit Shah and Modi, a picture of 19 pro-Scindia Congress MLAs in Bangalore came out, including 6 ministers of the Kamal Nath government. Later all of them resigned. After this, two more Congress MLAs also resigned. That is, Congress MLAs resigning, clearing the way for the formation of the BJP government.

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