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Mumbai Police Registered Case Against Naseeruddin Shah’s daughter Heeba Shah


Heeba Shah: Recently, Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah was in the news for making a statement. But meanwhile, big news related to his daughter has come out. Mumbai Police has registered a case of non-cognizable offense against Naseeruddin Shah’s daughter and actress Heeba Shah. The actress has been accused of assaulting two employees of a clinic.


In fact, Heeba Shah has been accused of assault in the Veterinary Clinic. On behalf of the clinic, Heeba has been accused that the actress assaulted 2 of her female employees on 16 January. At the same time, the police have also started an investigation of the case. ANI has also shared pictures of CCTV footage on Twitter.

According to the Feline Foundation, on January 16, Heeba arrived here to get her friend’s two cats sterilized. But for some reason, sterilization of cats could not be done. Because of which Heeba started threatening the staff there and started to dominate. The talk increased so much that Heeba started fighting the staff there.

The police have registered a case against Heeba under IPC 323, 504 and 506 and are under investigation. At the same time, Heeba has denied all these allegations. Heeba says that she has not beaten anyone. Even the gatekeeper was not letting me (Heeba) go inside the clinic. At the same time, the female employee also pushed me.

Significantly, recently, Heeba’s father i.e. Naseeruddin Shah was in the news for his statement. Naseeruddin had said, ‘I am not on Twitter. People like Anupam Kher speak a lot. I do not think they should be taken seriously. He is a prankster and a sycophant.

Bollywood Actors Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher
Bollywood Actors Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher | Image: Social Media

Those who were his contemporaries in NSD and FTII can tell about his sycophantic nature. It is in their blood, and we cannot help them. At the same time, those who are opposing it should think about what they have to say. At the same time, we do not even need to tell about our responsibilities, we know our responsibilities.

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