Convicts of Nirbhaya Case HAnged Today

Nirbhaya Case: After hanging of Nirbhaya’s convicts Nirbhaya’s parents comments- ‘My daughter will be happy today, today is women’s day’


Nirbhaya Case: After completing the death sentence of Nirbhaya’s four convicts, Nirbhaya’s parents said that their daughter got justice today. They said that a lot of hope was raised about women’s safety. We fought for justice and got it.


After hanging the culprits, Nirbhaya’s father Badrinath Singh said, “We have been waiting for this watch for seven years, we are very happy.” Today is a day of judgment and a very big day not only for us but for the whole country. Today a lot of hope has been raised about women’s safety, today is the day of justice for the whole country.

Today Nirbhaya will be really happy. A daughter is happy only when her parents are happy, we are very happy today, so Nirbhaya will also be very happy. Today his soul must have found peace. Our demand is that such laws should be made for the safety of women so that no parent should have to wait like this.


After hanging, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said, “Finally, she has been hanged today, today is the name of our girl child and the names of women of the country.” Just as petitions were filed on behalf of the culprits, but the country court rejected them. Today is a big day.

Somewhere, on the pretext of this case, the shortcomings of our law were revealed, our constitution was questioned. But today I have got justice due to this constitution and law. Confidence in the law will increase among women across the country.

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Asha Devi said, “Our daughter is not in the world today, she cannot come now but after today the daughters of the country will feel safe.” We have got justice but our fight will be to get justice for other daughters of the country.

When we came to court yesterday, we folded our hands in front of our daughter’s photo and hugged her photo. I am proud of my daughter that the whole world knows me by her name. I regret not being able to save her, but mother religion is completed today.

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