Executioner Pawan of Nirbhaya Case

Nirbhaya Case: Executioner Pawan Reached To Tihar Jail For Death Sentence of Nirbhaya Convicts


Nirbhaya Case: The executioner Pawan has reached the Tihar Jail from Meerut on Thursday evening amid speculation as to whether they would be hanged on February 1. Arrangements have been made for his stay at Tihar. Jail sources say that the execution of the Nirbhaya convicts will be done on Friday in the presence of the executioner. During this time all the concerned employees and officers will be present, who are required to be present according to the jail manual.


Jail sources say that the list of employees and officers who are to be present during the execution has been prepared. The jail administration will hand over the rope imported from Buxar city to the executioner during the practice on Friday to prepare the noose. Before this, he will see the report of the culprits and decide the length of the trap.

The weight of the mannequin will be decided according to the weight of the culprits. Any disturbances during practice will be rectified immediately. During practice, the hanging will remain silent in the house, as it happens at the time of hanging and all the things are done in gestures.


The hanging process takes three hours

According to jail sources, the entire process of hanging takes three hours. The culprits are picked up at five in the morning on the day of execution. After bathing, the culprits are given to wear new clothes. After that, tea and snacks are asked.

During this time, Jail Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Medical Officer, Sub Divisional Magistrate, and about 12 security personnel reach there. The magistrates ask the culprits a final wish in which the property is allowed to be made, to bequeathed, especially to someone.

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The executioner then covers his face with a black cloth. Their hands are tied back. The culprits are then taken to the gallows home with the help of security personnel at the scheduled time.

The executioner earlier hangs the noose hanging there. When the culprits arrive there, the executioner puts a noose around their neck and pulls the lever as soon as the jail superintendent makes a gesture. After about two hours, after a medical examination, the Medical Officer issues a certificate of death.

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