Death Sentenced of Convicts in Nirbhaya Case

Nirbhaya Case: This time the executioner will reach Tihar Jail three days in advance of death sentence


Nirbhaya Case: The convicts of Nirbhaya are to be hanged on 20 March. There are only four days left from this, in such a situation, the preparations for hanging for the fourth time inside Tihar are in full swing. Although in the meantime, the convicts have filed many such petitions which are still pending, for some of them the courts themselves have said that the decision of these cases will not have any effect on the date of execution. But till the convicts are hanged on the 20th, it cannot be said that their execution is sure after four days.


Let us know what is going on inside Tihar in the midst of all these things and why this time the executioner has been called three days ago whereas in the past he was called two days ago.

The executioner will reach Tihar Jail on March 17, three days before the execution of Nirbhaya convicts on March 20. The Tihar Jail administration has decided to call the executioner three days in advance. The jail administration has not given any specific reason behind this. It is believed that the jail administration is hopeful that the execution of the culprits is certain this time with the end of the legal option.


Tihar Jail Director General Sandeep Goyal said that this time the executioner has been asked to come only on 17 March. The hanging date of Nirbhaya convicts is fixed on 20 March. In such a situation, the arrival of the executioner three days before in Tihar Jail will help in the preparation of the execution.

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Also, a hanging trial will be conducted for two days in the presence of the executioner. Earlier, the hanging date has been postponed three times and during this time the executioner was called to jail two days ago.

Official sources in the jail say that the legal options of Nirbhaya’s culprits are over. In such a situation, the culprits are scheduled to be hanged only on March 20.

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