Raveesh Kumar, MEA gives a statement on Kashmir Issue

No Role of Third Party on Kashmir Issue Approved, India Answers To US President Donald Trump


Kashmir Issue: India has again made it clear to the US that third party arbitration on Kashmir issue is not acceptable under any circumstances. Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar gave this information at a press conference on Thursday. In response to another question, Raveesh Kumar said that Pakistan’s attempt to create a tense situation on Kashmir has failed and the world has understood its double standards as a double standard.


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the issue with US President Donald Trump in Davos. Trump also assured him that Prime Minister would talk to Narendra Modi. Pakistan looked very excited about this. Trump said that Imran is a very close friend of his and for him, he will definitely talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Kashmir issue.

Reacting to this, Raveesh Kumar said, ‘Our side is clear about the third party on Kashmir issue and there is no change in it. I want to reiterate once again that the third party has no role in this matter. He said that if there is any bilateral issue between India and Pakistan then it should be between the two countries under the Simla Agreement and Lahore Declaration. But it is up to Pakistan to create the right atmosphere for dialogue. For this, he has to leave the path of terrorism and violence.

Pak is not out of terror funding

Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar expressed concern over Pakistan’s funding for terrorism. He said that the FATF has tightened its grip on Pakistan. The meeting is taking place in Paris on 16 February. We feel that it will be seen as per the predecided parameters that what Pakistan has done to curb terrorism.

He said that the way Pakistan is financing terrorism is a matter of concern. Now the members of the FATF have to see what the Imran government has done to shut it down.

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Trump raised the Kashmir issue for the fourth time

This is the fourth time in the last six months that US President Donald Trump has spoken of mediating Kashmir for the fourth time. Trump and Imran Khan met once for the last time in September 2019, apart from the United Nations General Assembly, and even at that time also, Trump had spoken of mediation.

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