Coronavirus in North Korea

North Korea Shoots Suspected Coronavirus Patient After Seeing in a Public Bath Place


Coronavirus: A man returned from China has been shot dead in North Korea amid fears of a coronavirus. The man is believed to be suffering from the corona virus and was seen at a public bathing site, which is against the rules. Whereas North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un made strict rules for all those returning from China.


According to media reports, the man suspected of Coronavirus violated strict rules. He was to remain in the isolation room but was seen in a public bathing spot. All North Korean nationals returning from China in the last 30 days are being kept in the isolation room. Meanwhile, the Red Cross has urged Coronavirus to immediately lift sanctions on North Korea to defend it.

“We have come to know that there is an urgent need for protective equipment and testing kit,” it said in a statement. North Korea has so far not made an official statement regarding the number of coronavirus patients.


But the local media says that people who had symptoms would have to remain in isolation for 30 days. This rule will apply to all government institutions and foreigners living in North Korea.

Severed North Korea has shut down aircraft and train services coming from China. Apart from this, every foreigner visiting here is required to stay in the isolation ward for a week. Along with banning international tourism, it has also closed its international border.

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Some South Korean media institutions have claimed coronavirus patients and deaths in North Korea, but a World Health Organization official in Pyongyang has said that there is no information about this.

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