Operation Kota: 200 buses leave from Agra to bring 8000 students trapped in Coronavirus lockdown

Operation Kota: 200 buses leave from Agra to bring 8000 students trapped in Coronavirus lockdown


Operation Kota: On Friday, the Agra Transport Corporation sent 200 buses to Kota to transport eight thousand UP students and 1700 students of Agra division to their homes preparing for competitive examinations in Kota. The total number of buses in Brij is around 300. All buses were first sanitized on the Agra ISBT in the morning. The health of the drivers was investigated. Of thermal screening. Buses started sending from 10 am.


Thousands of students from all over the country prepare for competitive examinations with quota as engineers and doctors. When the lockdown occurred on 22 March, these children somehow spent their time. Later in the second phase of the lockdown, the students got upset after 19 days. While many students campaigned, someone approached the local BJP MP-MLA. CM Yogi Adityanath decided to send three hundred buses of the state quota on Thursday night. In this, a maximum of 200 buses was sent from the Agra region along with the Jhansi region, Banaras region.

RM MK Trivedi of Agra Transport Corporation says that 200 drivers-operators were called as soon as they received instructions from the headquarters. All buses were re-sanitized by morning. Health tests, thermal screening, were performed before masking the drivers. The expedition was led by SP Singh, the service manager of Roadways. He told that 25 to 30 children will sit on a bus. A policeman and a home guard will be on every bus. By Saturday night or Sunday morning, these buses will leave the children at home. Two drivers were sent on long-distance buses. The entire union team comprised Vijendra Singh, AAM Jayakaran Singh, Pramod Shrivastava, Minister of Roadways Employees Union, Rajkumar Gautam, Pramod Jada.

Children’s campaign was run on social media
The children studying in Kota campaigned on WhatsApp and Facebook. This campaign was going on for the last four days. The District Magistrate of Kota took the campaign into account. He then prepared a Mahaplan to send the children.

Speaker of Lok Sabha spoke to CM
Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath contributed significantly to this campaign. Om Birla spoke to CM on Thursday. Overnight CM Yogi took this plan to the officers of Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation. He said that every child of UP should be in the houses in the next 72 hours. That too with safety.

Important things:
Buses will bring 8000 students of the state and 1700 students of the Agra division.
All roadways buses were sanitized and departed.
Buses have left from ISBC since morning.
A policeman and a guard were sent along with each bus.
Instructions were given to bring 25 students on one bus only.

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