Coronavirus Outbreak

Panic in Italy after second death due to coronavirus (Covid19), silence in some cities


Coronavirus in Italy: Roads in Codogno city have become deserted after the second death from the deadly coronavirus (Covid19) in Italy. People have been asked to stay in their homes and public programs have been canceled.


In this small town with a population of 15,000, a board of prohibition of entry has been put outside the emergency room. Here three people in the emergency room have found positive results of the virus.

A 38-year-old man has been placed on a life support system. Italian news agency ‘Ansa reported on Saturday that the virus has caused the second death in the Lombardy region. Codogno is located in this region.

The Health Minister of Italy reported on Friday that a 78-year-old man found infected with the Coronavirus has died. According to the news agency, in the second case, a woman died of the virus. Three people are under separate treatment after suspected cases in Rome.

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Only one bakery and one drugstore are open in Codogno. Other shops are closed. In Lombardy, 16 people are reported to be affected by the virus. The local administration has taken quick steps to deal with the novel coronavirus (Covid19).

In some areas of northern Italy, people have been asked to stay at home. All public events have been canceled for a week. Codogno’s Mayor Francesco Passerini said that locals are very worried about the spread of the virus.

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