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Prakash Javadekar Said on Deepika Padukone, Social Media Campaign To Boycott ‘Chhapaak’ Movie


Prakash Javadekar Said on Deepika Padukone, Social Media Campaign To Boycott ‘Chhapaak’ Movie: Amid the controversy over actress Deepika Padukone going to JNU, Information Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that why only the artist, any common man can go anywhere to express his views and there can be no objection in it. After the meeting of the Union Cabinet, Javadekar said in response to the question of reporters that it is a democratic country.


Why an artist, any normal person can go anywhere, express their opinion. There is no objection to this, nobody has ever objected. In response to many questions about this, he said that I am also a BJP minister and also a spokesperson and I am saying this.

In response to another question, Javadekar said that if there is violence anywhere in any part of the country, then we condemn it. We have a mature democracy and all have the opportunity to express their views. So violence has no place in the country.


In fact, actress Deepika Padukone suddenly reached the JNU campus late on Tuesday to support the students’ protest against the violence in JNU on Sunday. During this time, he spoke to students including student union president Aishi. However, he did not address the students’ performance.

Appeal to ‘Boycott’ the film ‘Chhapaak’

After the students joined the protest, Delhi BJP spokesperson Tejinder Bagga expressed displeasure over Deepika’s support to the protesters. He appealed to the common people to boycott Deepika’s upcoming film ‘Chhapaak‘. After this, the boycott campaign of Deepika’s film started on social media.

What is the whole matter

On January 5 Sunday, student groups clashed fiercely at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus. More than 26 students from both sides were injured, with 12 of them suffering serious head injuries. The injured included student union president Ayshi Ghosh and a female teacher. JNU Students’ Union accused ABVP of assault and vandalism. However, the ABVP says that it was all done by the Left.

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It is said that in the evening, a crowd of 40 to 50 youth wearing a mask reached the campus and attacked the hostel. Many vehicles were broken into. The injured were admitted to AIIMS Trauma and Safdarjung Hospital. It is alleged that the attackers also entered the hostels of the students and assaulted them. Several ambulances reached the campus after being informed of the attack and rushed the injured to the hospital.

Since then, students have been on strike on the campus. Deepika had reached the same demonstration in JNU.

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