Britain Queen Elizabeth II Approves Brexit Bill

Queen Elizabeth II Approves Government Brexit Bill To Separate Britain From The European Union


Brexit Bill: Queen Elizabeth II approves Government Brexit Bill to separate Britain from the European Union. After years of long debate, the British Parliament finally approved the Brexit Bill separating Britain from the European Union (EU). Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday has completed the formalities of legally approving the historic withdrawal agreement bill passed by Parliament. With this, Britain is set to secede from the European Union (EU) at the end of January.


This law gives the British government the legal right to exit the EU on 31 January. Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay gave this information on Twitter. He said that Queen Elizabeth II has enacted the Brexit law giving her royal approval to the Brexit Bill. The move is believed to be extremely important for Britain to exit the European Union on 31 January.

The lower house The House of Commons has already ratified this bill relating to the exit from the EU. The bill was widely discussed in the Upper House of Lords and some suggestions were also introduced. Under this, there were some changes related to EU citizens’ rights and child refugees.

However, this time five suggestions on refugee children during the discussion in the House have been rejected. On this rejection, former MP Alf Dabbs said, after the victory in the House of Lords, the suggestion related to refugee children in the House of Commons was rejected, it is disappointing.

PM Boris Johnson benefited

The approval of the Brexit Bill in Parliament is a relief decision for British PM Boris Johnson. Johnson, a leader of the Conservative Party, has been a strong supporter of Breguet. He warned that Britain would exit the EU without compromise, whatever happens. Even Johnson said he was ready for the results.

Earlier on Wednesday, the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament, changed what was included in the bill on behalf of the House of Lords, the upper house. These included ensuring the protection of child refugees after Brexit and a promise to introduce them to their families in Britain.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to accept any such changes in the withdrawal agreement bill that could prevent Britain’s separation from the EU. He was also criticized by opposition MPs for being harsh about their conditions. The House of Lords could have added these changes to the bill again but did not allow the bill to cross the last rung of its approval.

Nearly five decades-old membership will end

Britain became a member of the 28-member European Union in 1973. Britain’s nearly five-decade-old membership with Brexit will end. Britain will be the first country to do so. However, it will do business under the EU rules by 31 December.

What is Brexit

Brexit means ‘Britain Exit‘ means Britain’s exit from the European Union. In 2016, a referendum was held in Britain about Brexit. In this, more than 50 percent believed that Britain should exit the European Union. The ruling Conservative Party won a landslide victory in the general election held in Britain last year.

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Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won 364 seats in the 650-seat parliament. With the election result, the path of Brexit was cleared. In this election, more than a dozen Indian candidates had also won the victory.

It was the biggest victory of the Conservative Party since the era of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. After the results were announced, Prime Minister Boris Johnson bluntly said that we will pass Brexit Bill, which separates Britain from the European Union (EU), by 31 January.

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