Rahul Gandhi demanded to implement 'Nyay' scheme, said - 'laborers need no loan, need money'

Rahul Gandhi demanded to implement ‘Nyay’ scheme, said – ‘laborers need no loan, need money’


New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has sought to help the poor, farmers, and laborers facing trouble in the coronavirus epidemic on the lines of ‘Nyay’ scheme. On Saturday, he urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi government to reconsider the economic package and add money directly into the accounts of the people.


He also said that the lockdown needs to be opened with prudence and caution. Special care should be taken of the elderly and people suffering from serious diseases. Preparations should be made to counter the ‘storm’ in the economy.

“Workers don’t need debt, need money”
Rahul Gandhi said, “The package that should have been there should not have been a package of debt. I am disappointed with this. Today, there is a need to put money directly into the account of farmers, laborers, and the poor. You (government) give a loan, but Bharat Mata should not do moneylender work with their children, they should give money directly in their pockets. At this time the poor, farmers and laborers do not need loans, they need money.”


The Congress leader said, “I request that Narendra Modi Ji should reconsider the package.” Think of giving money directly to farmers and laborers. “

Rahul Gandhi said- don’t think about ratings, give them money
Rahul Gandhi says that the central government is not giving money directly to laborers due to increasing financial losses. He said, “I heard that rating is the reason for not giving money.” It is being said that if the fiscal deficit increases, the outside agencies will reduce the rating of our country. Our ratings make laborers, farmers, small businessmen. So don’t think about ratings, give them money. “

According to Gandhi, there is a need for prudence and caution while opening the lockdown. We have to remove it carefully. Our elderly, people suffering from heart, lung, and kidney diseases should be protected.

He said, “In a Coronavirus crisis, both demand and supply are closed. The government has to give speed to both. Now the demand for the loan package that the government has said is not going to start. Because, how will people buy without money?”

Rahul Gandhi demanded to implement the justice plan
The former Congress president said, “There is a need to give money in the hands of the people to start the demand. A scheme like Nyay can prove to be helpful in this. There is a possibility of huge economic loss if demand does not start, which can be bigger than Corona. I say that you give the name of ‘Nyay’ some more, but implement it for the next few months.”

In fact, at the time of the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress had promised in its manifesto that after forming the government, it will give financial assistance of 72 thousand rupees annually to every poor family by implementing ‘minimum income guarantee scheme’ (Nyay). At that time Rahul Gandhi was the President of Congress.

Continuing his stand not to criticize the government right now, Rahul Gandhi said, “This is not the time to tell anyone wrong, but it is time to solve this huge problem.” The problem of migrant laborers is very big. We all have to help them. BJP is in government, they have more means of help. We all have to meet this problem together. “

In response to a question, the Congress leader said that it is not right to give this option whether to protect the economy or health. India is a very capable country. If we plan properly, then both things can be handled well.

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