Refugee Children of Greece are in Crisis

Refugee Children of Greece Are in Crisis, Need Urgent Shelter and Protection


Refugee Children of Greece Are in Crisis, Need Urgent Shelter and Protection: Their condition has deteriorated due to over-capacity living in Greece’s refugee camps. There are many children living here, separated from their families, many of whom are not even alive. The European Commission has appealed to Germany to shelter children in Greece’s refugee camps in excess of their fixed numbers.


A European Commission spokesman expressed concern over the condition of children living in refugee camps. The Commission is concerned about such islands where children are living in terrible conditions. In particular, there are 5000 children with no other family members.

Refugee Child of Greece
Refugee Child of Greece | Image Source: Google

The spokesperson has even said that if Germany gives these children a place, the European Commission will provide financial help. Meanwhile, Germany’s Green Party has appealed to the government to bring these children into the country, but the government has not taken any decision. Human Rights Organization (Human Rights Watch) has also appealed to EU member countries to help these children.


Thousands of separated children:

According to the European Union data, there are about 2000 such children with whom they have no family members on the islands of Lesbos, Kayos, Samos, Leros, and Kos in Greece. As of November, there are a total of 5,276 such children in the whole of Greece according to official figures. Nine percent of these children are under 14 years of age. 92 percent of the total children are boys.

Fear of smuggling:

German Home Minister Horst Zehofer protested the demand, saying that Germany was already helping Greece a lot in this matter. He said that only with the help of Germany, the situation will get worse which will not be normalized. According to him, by doing so smugglers will also become active and they will start smuggling children here.

God loves everyone unconditionally: Pope

Vatican City: Pope Francis said in his Christmas message, “Lord Jesus loves us all.” They also love the worst of us. He gave this message on Wednesday to the country’s 1.3 billion Catholics. God loves everyone unconditionally.

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Releasing the message to his followers, the Pope said, even though your thoughts are distorted, you may have messed things up badly, but God still loves you. The Pope has emphasized unconditional love in a year in which he has come forward to break the silent silence over the sexual abuse of children in the Roman Catholic Church.

The church has been in the news for reports of sexual harassment by clergy around the world and allegations of senior clergy covering them. Let us tell you that the Pope has this year removed the rule of confidentiality in the church that prevented the victim from complaining of sexual harassment.

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