Researchers formulated new strategy to combat Antibiotic Resistance

Researchers Found The Latest Strategies To Combat Antibiotic Resistance in America


Strategy To Combat Antibiotic Resistance: Researchers formulated new strategies to combat Antibiotic resistance in America. Antibiotics eliminate the bacteria present in the body and make them vulnerable, but certain types of bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotic over time.

Scientists have found a new way to deal with it in which bacteria cannot help each other and become weak. Researchers hope that this will also help in the formulation of antibiotics in the future.

Method of research – a new chemical used

Antibiotic | Image: Medical Xpress

New research has shown that by curbing the production of semen in Salmonella bacteria, other bacteria are also weakened and then easier to eliminate. The results of research published in the journal Nature Communications say that scientists used an antibacterial chemical to stop the production of semen.


The lead author of the research, Professor Steineckers, says that if there is no semen layer on the body of bacteria, they can be easily weakened and even eliminated with the help of antibiotics.

The result – the number of bacteria that have developed resistance decreases

New Strategy for Combating Antibiotic Resistance
New Strategy for Combating Antibiotic Resistance | Image: Technology Networks

Scientists compared bacteria’s resistance to this new chemical with antibiotics. Professor Steineckers pointed out, bacteria could not develop resistance to this chemical, while soon managed to develop resistance to antibiotics. Some succeeded in developing bacterial resistance, but their numbers were extremely small.

Although bacteria that have developed resistance can still produce semen and can share with bacteria that do not develop resistance, it consumes energy. This is why the number of bacteria that do not develop resistance increases relatively rapidly.

Hopefully, the antibiotic option will be available

According to research, unlike traditional antibiotics, this chemical prevents bacteria from developing resistance. A method of treatment that can prevent bacteria from working together can provide solutions to the problem of resistance to antibiotics. Researchers want to popularize such antibacterial methods of treatment.

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They believe that it can be used by coating the medicine or implant to avoid conjunctivitis. This chemical can also be used with antibiotics. It can be used in different ways in agriculture, industry and even in our homes. Not only this, the researchers claim that they may also play an important role in the formulation of antibiotics in the future.

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