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Romantic music video Baarish release, colorless songs in Paras Chhabra-Mahira Sharma’s chemistry


Baarish: Music video ‘Baarish‘ by Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma released on Holi on 10 March. Paras and Mahira’s weak chemistry is seen in the song. Paras and Mahira’s romance is seen as less and more trouble in the video. The story shown in the music video is about the suffering of two lovers when they are separated from each other.

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants Mahira and Paras
Mahira and Paras | Image: Instagram

It is shown in the video that Paras and Mahira are going to get married only when the police catch Paras and take him. Mahira loses her life due to the trouble of being separated from Paras. And by the time Paras comes out of the jail, Mahira dies. When Paras goes to meet Mahira at her tomb, her spirit meets him. Let me tell you that the song is trending on the top 4 on YouTube but it failed to show the charisma that was expected.


Apart from the video, if you talk about the song, it is written by Tony Kakkar and sung by Nikhil D’Souza and Sonu Kakkar. Production is done by Anshul Garg and editing is Vinay Pal. The lyrics are “BAarish Main Anshuo Ka Pata Nehi Chalta.” An attempt has been made to make the song emotional and romantic, but it has to be said that it does not give the feel that this song was probably made keeping in mind.

Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra
Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra | Image: Instagram

Paras-Mahira’s Baarish song could not impress

Talking about the public’s reaction to the song, the response of the people in the comment box has been mixed. While the fans of Paras and Mahira have sung the virtues of the song, the rest have sung the song and the screenplay shown in its video has done evil. Let me tell you that earlier the song of Asim Riaz and Jacqueline Fernandes has been released in ‘Mere Angane Mein’. The video went well but the song did not get any special reaction.

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