Russian doctor who met with President Vladimir Putin Found Covid-19 Positive

Russian doctor who met with President Vladimir Putin turned out to be COVID-19 positive after test


Moscow: Most of the countries of the world have come under the grip of Coronavirus. Many big personalities of the world, including Prince Charles of Britain and its Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been victims of this dangerous epidemic. Meanwhile, news has come from Russia where the doctor whom President Vladimir Putin visited at a hospital last week has been found to be Coronavirus positive.


Putin went to a hospital in Moscow last week where he met and interacted with Dennis Priventek. The Coronavirus infected doctor himself informed him through Facebook that he has been found to be COVID-19 positive, but he has further written that it looks fine now. The doctor said that after being found COVID-19 positive he has isolated himself in his office and is staying away from people. Protsenko has been the main face in Moscow in the fight against the Coronavirus and many people have taken preventive measures from his regular post.

Coronavirus killed 17 people and 2337 people have infected

The lockdown was extended on Tuesday (31 March) to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic, and three important laws were approved, with the largest number of 500 coronavirus cases reported in a single day in Russia. In terms of area, the lockdown has been implemented in more than 40 regions out of the total 85 of Russia, the world’s largest country. These include the Primorsky Krai bordering China in the east and the Kaliningrad region in the west.

On the other hand, the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, on Tuesday approved three draft bills, which provide for imprisonment for seven years for violating the Coronavirus Separation Rules and spreading false news.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin had on Monday (March 30) justified the stringent measures saying that criminal negligence cases can be registered against local authorities if the entertainment spots across the country are not closed.

17 people died by the coronavirus in Russia so far

As of Tuesday, 17 people have died and 2,337 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Russia, with a population of about 14.4 million. In the last 24 hours, 500 new cases have been reported in the country, which is the highest number of cases reported in a day.

In the capital Moscow itself, 387 new cases of coronavirus have been reported. During the last 24 hours, a total of eight people have died due to the epidemic in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir region and Panja region, raising the death toll in the country to 17.

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