Samsung AI Device Neon

Samsung Will Launch Artificial Intelligence Device ‘Neon’ Very Soon


Samsung Will Launch Artificial Intelligence Device ‘Neon’ Very Soon: Currently, there is a war between all tech companies in the tech sector over Artificial Intelligence, in which companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon have launched devices with AI technology in the market. With these devices, people’s lives have become easier. Now in this episode, Korea’s smartphone maker Samsung will soon launch a special product, named Neon.


According to media reports, this particular product is being prepared in the research center of Star Lab of Indian origin. Earlier in 2017, Samsung introduced the Bixby back device, which was based on Artificial Intelligence technology. So let’s know about Samsung’s mysterious product Neon …

Neon device information:

For your information, let us know that this Samsung’s device is being developed by Star Lab, a company of Paras Mistry of Indian origin. This device will be introduced at the CES 2020 Tech event to be held in Las Vegas next month. On the other hand, if sources are to be believed, users will get the support of Hindi language in the neon device. Not only this, Samsung has teased this futuristic device on many social media platforms.

At the same time, many tweets have been done on Twitter about the Neon device, which says ‘Have you ever met an’ ARTIFICIAL ‘?’. On the other hand, it is written in Hindi that ‘You have met those who are artificial’. However, there are many more tweets related to this device on Neon Laugh’s Twitter page. But till now both companies have not shared the official information about the launch, price, and features of this gadget.

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Possible specifications of the neon device:

Samsung has also teased the upcoming Neon device on social media. According to the leaked report, this gadget will work on the 5G network. At the same time, the company will give the ability to speak, recognize and think in this device and it will improve the experience of its users. However, information about the actual price and specification of this device will be available only after launching.

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