UK Scientists Discovered T-Cells in Immune System

Scientists Discovered T-Cells That Can Kill Cancer Cells Without Touching Healthy Cells – Research Reveals


T-Cells: Scientists have discovered cells in the immune system that can kill cells of many types of cancer. In fact, Cardiff University researchers have discovered a new type of killer T-cell, which can cure one-size-fits-all cancer.

However, this research has been successful only on mice and more research will have to be done on humans to know its success. Explain to you that cells called T-cells have special receptors, which can destroy cells associated with lung, skin, bone, blood, colon cancer, kidney, breast, prostate, ovary, and cervical cancer, ignoring healthy cells.

Research has been done on mice

In laboratory mice and dish experiments, researchers showed that T-cells can detect this range of cancer cells and differentiate them from cancerous tissues and healthy cells. He accidentally discovered this cell while examining blood samples from the blood bank. If the search is a shape, it can provide an incentive to treat cancer by providing therapy. The research on T-Cells was published in Nature Immunology this week.



T-Cell | Image: Asian Scientist

T-cells are a type of white blood cells in the immune system. Along with the rest of the immune system, they help fight infections and other attacks on the body. Researchers propose that we can use a molecule called MR1 to help the receptors in these cells detect cancer.

The MR1 molecule is present on the surface of all human cells, including infected and cancerous cells, and researchers believe that it may be able to initiate T-cells receptors indicating a cell’s compromised metabolism.

According to the study’s lead author, Andrew Sewell of Defection and Immunity at Cardiff University, it would be new to cure cancer through MR1-restricted T-cells. This increases the likelihood of treating cancer of all size-fit sizes.

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Can become a big success

The discovery is an important step in immunotherapy treatment for cancer. It is the process of using the body’s natural immunity to attack cancer cells and tumors. Such as CAR-T treatment, which is specific to the individual human body. As such, new research is still at an early stage and is not yet ready to be taken out of the laboratory and tested on humans.

Once researchers determine whether T-cells only attack cancer cells, they will try to research this treatment in patients later this year, after further safety testing. There are a lot of obstacles, but if this test is successful, it is hoped that this new treatment can be used in patients in a few years.

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