Shah Rukh Khan replies to Aditya Thackeray tweet

Shah Rukh Khan replies to Aditya Thackeray tweet after announcing donation to PM Cares Fund


Mumbai: In the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Bollywood stars came out openly and announced financial support. Many big names include Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Salman Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh has been trending on Twitter ever since he raised his hand of relief.


In a long and wide post, Shah Rukh Khan told how he and his entire team are helping people. Shah Rukh has not only provided financial assistance to the PM Cares Fund and the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, as well as the Personal Protective Kit, to provide food and essential goods to 5,500 families in Mumbai for a month. After this announcement by Shah Rukh, Cabinet Minister in Maharashtra Government Aditya Thackeray thanked him.

Responding to Aditya’s tweet, Shah Rukh wrote, ‘We don’t need to thank each other at this time. we are a family. So glad you are doing so much work for Maharashtra. My love to you.

Earlier, Shah Rukh wrote- ‘At this time those who are working tirelessly for you, you may not know them, yet you should not let them feel alone. We make sure that we take care of each other. The entire country and all Indians are like one family.

Let us know that when many Bollywood stars gave financial help, Shah Rukh Khan started being trolled on social media to know where he is in this difficult time. However, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans came to his rescue and told how he helps through the Mir Foundation.

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