Shah Rukh Khan Shares a Video Message About Coronavirus

Shah Rukh Khan shares video message after Kanika Kapoor gets infected with coronavirus, appeal this to people


After panic all over the world, now the coronavirus is trying to spread its foot in India too. The number of coronavirus infections in India has reached around 223. On Friday, Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor was also found Covid-19 infected. Different efforts are being made to prevent coronavirus across the country. Bollywood stars are also constantly appealing to their fans. Now actor Shah Rukh Khan has released the message through a video.



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Shah Rukh Khan released a video from his Instagram account, appealing people not to leave the house. Shah Rukh said, ‘Hello, I appeal to everyone to avoid going to the public place. Avoid traveling by train and buses if not necessary. The next 10 to 15 days are very difficult.

Shah Rukh further said, ‘The public and the government need to work together to fight this virus. So I appeal again not to panic and be cautious of any kind of propaganda and follow the instructions issued by the state government.

Earlier, Akshay Kumar also released a video and started a class of people who have not quarantined themselves after coming from abroad. In this video, Akshay is saying, ‘Those who have returned from outside at Mumbai airport. Those who are being tested at the airport. Those in the low-risk category in Corona, they are being sent for home quarantine or sent to hotels with a stamp.

By explaining that two weeks to maintain social distance. As a precursor. For yourself and the people around you. But these people are going to different parts of the country. Going to weddings Going on holiday. Going to crowded places. Doing parties What kind of thinking are these people? What a mindset. What people do not understand.

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Akshay further says- ‘Coronavirus is not on leave. Is working very vigorously. Is working overtime. He is ahead in this race. But this race is not over yet. The race is still on. we can win. We have to win this race. Do not let the hard work of the doctors, nurses, police, authorities, and people get lame in the middle of the race.

This will be the first race in which the runner who stops first will win. Everyone will win or lose together in this race. BMC calls this seal the Badge of Honor. Because you are not only saving your life but also saving many lives. Do not insult this honor. Someone had thoughtfully said – if there is life, there is a world.

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