Supreme Court imposed 1-1 lakh compensation on petitioners who were seeking guidelines on sale of liquor

Supreme Court imposed Rs 1-1 lakh compensation on petitioners who were seeking guidelines on sale of liquor


New Delhi: The supreme court today imposed a fine of Rs 1-1 lakh on the two petitioners seeking closure of liquor shops across the country and setting guidelines on the sale of liquor. The court called these petitions a waste of time. Said, “Such petitions are filed only for publicity.” In both cases, the petitioners were petitions in person. That is, the petitioners appeared directly without a lawyer. In front of Justices L Nageswara Rao, Sanjay Kishan Kaul, and BR Gavai, the first petitioners who appeared in item number 6 were named Prashant Kumar.


The petitioner argued that social distancing is not being practiced in the crowd that has grown due to the opening of liquor shops. Therefore, all shops should be closed. On this, the court said, “The government and local administration have issued guidelines regarding social distancing. The shopkeeper cannot stand outside and see if the rules of social distancing are fully followed. If it is being violated, it is the administration’s job to watch it. Complaints can be made to the administration.”

The petitioner once again reiterated his plea. But the supreme court said, “Such petitions are filed only for publicity. Listening to them is just a waste of time. We impose a penalty of Rs 1 lakh on you for filing such a petition. “Shortly thereafter another Petitioner in Person appeared for Item No. 8. The court told the petitioner named Gautam Singh,” We have just One such petition has been rejected. “To this, the petitioner said,” I am not demanding the closure of liquor shops. But the court should issue guidelines on their sale. “

The judges also took a dig at this petitioner and said that we had also said in the previous petition that such cases are filed only for publicity without any solid basis. It is the government’s job to issue guidelines on the sale and it is doing so as well. The court cannot play the role of government. We dismiss this petition. You are also fined Rs 1 lakh.

The Tamil Nadu government reached the Supreme Court on the sale of alcohol, today got relief in this case. The state government had challenged the Madras High Court’s decision to stop selling liquor at shops. The High Court had ordered that only online sale of liquor can be done in the state. The Tamil Nadu government’s argument reached the Supreme Court against this, that the High Court cannot give such instructions. The state government is also concerned about the health of the people. All the arrangements are being made there that social distancing can be followed at liquor shops.

Relief to the Government of Tamil Nadu

On behalf of the Tamil Nadu government, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi said, “Only 2 bottles of liquor can be sold at a time through online mode. It is not possible for every person to buy alcohol online. In such a situation, there will be a possibility that people of the state should go to neighboring states to get liquor. This will increase the likelihood of corona. The High Court has issued an order without considering these things. “

On behalf of the petitioner who filed the petition in this case in the High Court, advocate PV Yogeshwaran said, “Drinking alcohol is not a fundamental right of the people. The government is doing harm to the health of the people just to increase their revenue. “Opposing this, the counsel for the Tamil Nadu government once again reiterated that the government is more concerned about the health of the people than the petitioner. After hearing the arguments of the court, the notice was issued in the case and the High Court stayed the order. Uli to have been cleared. The next hearing will be after 4 weeks.

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