Coronavirus Patients in China

Coronavirus Outbreak: COVID19 Infected Patients Being Treated Badly, Shocking Videos Surfaced From China

Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus is becoming increasingly difficult for China to handle the situation in their country. So far, around 1500 people have died due to this dangerous virus (COVID19). The number of patients has crossed 64 thousand. The situation is that in many places, patients are also being treated like animals. Advertisement The Chinese government […]

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Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: Google, Apple, and Facebook Closed Its Offices Temporary in China

Coronavirus Outbreak: The terror of the Coronavirus has severely impacted companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple. While Google has temporarily closed its office in China due to coronavirus outbreak, Facebook and Apple have severely limited their operations there. Advertisement Google has asked its employees not to leave the house unless it is extremely important. The […]

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