Test of per 24 people in India get one coronavirus positive - says ICMR

Test of per 24 people in India get one coronavirus positive – says ICMR


New Delhi: The Central Government has again rejected the lack of jaunt kits or investigation. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said that a positive patient is found on 24 people tested in India, while in Japan on average 11 people are getting 1 infected, 6.7 in Italy, 5.3 in the US and In the UK, a 3.1 sample investigation found 1 coronavirus infected patient.


Therefore, there is no need to increase too much testing in India and comparison of test and population ratios with other countries is not right.

Dr. Gangakhedkar of ICMR said that Coronavirus test kits are sufficient for 8 weeks in the country. He said that till yesterday 2,90,401 people have been investigated in the country. More than 30 thousand tests have been done on Wednesday. He also said that India has the capacity to test 42 thousand samples in one shift and 78 thousand in two shifts.

5 lakh kits arrived: Gangakhedkar said that 5 lakh new rapid test kits have arrived in the country, but they are not used for initial testing, but rather as surveillance. It will be used to observe trends in hotspot areas. Regarding the poor quality of kits coming from China, he said that they will be used for surveillance, therefore, the quality will not be much difference.

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