Hyderabad Case Repeated in Malda

The shadow of the Hyderabad scandal has recovered the burning body of a young woman in Malda


Malda, Dec-5: The case of female doctor Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad is repeated in the Malda district this time. Half of the bodies of a young woman were burnt in the vicinity of a rescue operation in the Tipazani area of ​​Kotwali village Panchayat in Malda.


Police initially estimated that the young woman was burnt after being raped and murdered. Upon learning of the incident, Superintendent of Police Alok Rajoria, DSP Prashant Debnath and other district police officers were on the spot.

Hyderabad Case Repeated in Malda
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However, the police did not know the name and identity of the deceased. Malda District Police Superintendent Alok Rajoria said the body of a young woman was recovered. Some samples were collected from the body. Which will be sent for forensic examination.


Besides, the body was sent to the morgue of Malda Medical College and Hospital for autopsy. The actual cause of death can be said after the autopsy report is available. Whether the rape happened or the condition of the young woman’s death depends entirely on the autopsy report. An investigation has been launched on the whole matter.

According to police sources, the deceased woman’s age is between 25 and 22 years. It is believed to be primarily single. A pair of shoes were recovered from the side of the body. That is supposed to be male. As well as some of the countries, Kathi was recovered.

The body was found in the dense ambiance. From top to bottom, the body was recovered in ablaze. The body is believed to have been infused with kerosene oil. The deceased girl’s body is believed to have been found to be a mark of injury in a secret and touching place.

The evidence was then set on fire for the disappearance. Residents of the Kotwali area were shocked at the incident. They cannot predict that such an event could happen in their area. Villagers claim that such incidents had never occurred in the area before.

Local residents said some people saw the body of the half-naked young woman burnt in the morning while going to work on the land. After that, noises were heard all over the village. The police were informed by the English Bazar police station.

Human Rights Protection Council’s Malda district president Shubhdeep Sarkar said of the incident, saying such an incident could never be tolerated. Extremely painful and blasphemous events. Immediately identifying the culprits requires severe punishment. He said the movement should be taken to arrest the culprits and demand strict punishment.

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