UK General Election

UK General Election: Conservative Party’s leader Boris Johnson wins an overall majority


UK General Election: Conservative Party’s leader Boris Johnson wins an overall majority: Britain favors Brexit. The Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is on the path to a majority. The polls were completed on Thursday after voting for 650 seats. The Conservative Party is ahead of the announcement of the results on Friday. Already, the party’s candidates have won more than 326 seats required for the majority.


On the contrary, the Conservative Party got close to two hundred seats. However, the final result has not come. But before that, Jeremy Corbyn has resigned from the post of Labor Party chief. After his resignation, he said, the ‘Unity Declaration’ is still popular. But the policy wave has fallen on the sheer wave of support for Brexit.

Britain is voting on the question of ‘Brexit’ to exit the European Union. The final decision on Brexit comes into effect on January 31, 2020. With the Conservative Party winning the majority of the polls, Boris Johnson had previously said that after the vote, the path to Brexit would be smooth. That is the indication of the tendency to vote. Barrister Johnson said the majority of the people in the country have given a verdict in favor of Brexit by winning the Conservative Party.

According to a large section of British political observers, this victory was not practically expected by many of the Conservative Party leaders. Even the Conservatives have been stationed in some places known as the inaccessible bases of the Labor Party.

Shortly after receiving a hint of the survey, the uprising in the opposite camp gave a shiver. Many in the group sought to remove Jeremy Corbyn. Corbin said he would move away soon after the vote. He will be in charge of the party just a few days to deal with the post-election situation. But observers say he had to resign as the demand grew stronger after the results of the vote.

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