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US Army Bans Soldier To Use TikTok for National Security Reason


US Army Bans Soldier To Use TikTok for National Security Reason: There has always been a ruckus in America about Chinese companies. Huawei was banned in the US last year by accusing him of espionage, although he was removed a few months later. During this time, Huawei made its operating system.


At the same time, the use of the US Army short video app TikTok has been banned. National security has been cited for this. According to the report, there is a danger of cyber attack from the TikTok app and through this, the people of the country and the army can be spied.

Regarding the ban on the use of the US Army’s TikTok app, US Army spokesman Lt Col Robin Ochoa said that the use of the Army’s Tiktok app has been banned. The ban is initially imposed on both the Navy and the Department of Defense.


The Navy had said a few days ago that military personnel should not use the short video app. Also, the order issued by the Navy said that before downloading any app, read its details carefully and be careful. At the same time, the Defense Department has also said in its order that military personnel deletes the TikTok app from their phone or tablet immediately.

It is worth mentioning that in October last year, TikTok was called by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) for an investigation to find out if the Chinese government is collecting personal data of the users.

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Let’s remind here that this is not the first case when TikTok is accused of collecting security, obscenity, and data. In April last year, a Tamil Nadu court asked the government to ban the short video app. After hearing public interest litigation, the court had said that TikTok was abuse with pornographic content, although the ban was lifted a few days later.

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