US President Donald Trump Claimed WHO Takes China's Side on Coronavirus Epidemic

US President Donald Trump claimed that WHO is taking China’s side on the Coronavirus epidemic


Washington: US President Donald Trump has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of favoring China over the coronavirus crisis. Trump claims that many people are angry at the Global Health Agency’s attitude and feel that “it is not right at all.”

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US President Donald Trump | Image: ANI

President Donald Trump was replying to questions from Republican Senator Marco Rubio over allegations that the World Health Organization’s attitude had been in favor of China. Congress member Michael McCaul questioned the loyalty of WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, saying that his relations with China have also come up in the past.

McCaul is a ranking member of Congress’s Foreign Relations Committee. Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday (March 25), “It (WHO) has completely, completely favored China.” A large number of people are not happy with it.”


The US president was asked whether he agreed that the WHO’s attitude had been biased and that the US should reconsider its relationship with the health agency after the controversy subsided.

Trump responded, “Certainly this is going on that it’s not right.” I think many are talking about this. “Congressman Greg Steve complained that the WHO was playing the role of China’s mouthpiece during the coronavirus epidemic.

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He claimed that both the WHO and China should face consequences once the epidemic comes under control. Significantly, WHO director Tedros is facing criticism after praising the Chinese leadership for its determination to tackle the Coronavirus epidemic.

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