US President Donald Trump seeks help from India

US President Donald Trump seeks help from India; requesting the release of hydroxychloroquine drug ordered by the US


Coronavirus has created panic in America. The number of COVID-19 patients is rapidly increasing in the country. In that situation, US President Donald Trump has requested PM Narendra Modi to send a consignment of hydroxychloroquine ordered by the US. Trump has made this request at a time when India banned drugs to export last month.


Trump said that he spoke to Prime Minister Modi on Saturday morning and requested him to release the hydroxychloroquine drug to the US. In his daily news conference at the White House, Trump said, ‘I spoke to Prime Minister Modi this morning. They make large amounts of hydroxychloroquine. India is paying serious attention to it.

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade banned the export of hydroxychloroquine on 25 March but said some shipments may be permitted on humanitarian grounds. The United States has emerged as the most affected country, with more than three million confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and more than 8,000 deaths. No treatment has been found so far for this virus.


Scientists from America and the world are working day and night to find a vaccine or an accurate cure against this virus so that the lives of people can be saved. So far, more than 64,000 people have died in the world due to this epidemic. At the same time, 11 lakh 53 thousand 142 are infected.

Trump administration is emphasizing the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus, based on some preliminary results. This medicine has been used in the treatment of malaria for decades. With immediate approval from the US Food and Drug Administration last Saturday, approximately 1,500 Coronavirus patients are being treated in New York using a malaria drug in conjunction with some other drug.

According to Donald Trump, there are positive results of the drug. He told reporters that if it succeeds, it will be like a gift from heaven. Over the next several weeks, US health experts estimate one million to two million deaths due to the coronavirus.

In the hope of being a successful drug in the treatment of coronavirus, the US has already stocked about 29 million doses. In this context, Trump has requested Modi to release millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine to the US. India produces this medicine on a large scale.

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