PMLA Court Judgement on Vijay Mallya Case

Vijay Mallya tweets- I want to return all the money, Bank-ED are not helping


Former liquor businessman Vijay Mallya said once again on Tuesday that he is ready to return 100 percent of the money borrowed by his company Kingfisher Airlines to banks. Mallya said that despite his repeated offers to repay the money, banks are not showing any interest in taking money.


Mallya tweeted and wrote, ‘I have made repeated offers to banks to pay 100 percent of the amount borrowed by King Fisher Airlines. Neither the banks are willing to take the money nor the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is ready to release my attachment which they attached at the behest of the banks. I hope the Finance Minister will listen to me at this time of crisis.’

Earlier on 14 February, Mallya pleaded with the Indian banks to withdraw the money once again as the British High Court’s decision on his extradition was secured. Mallya, popularly known as Liquor King, told banks, please, take back 100 percent of your principal.

After the hearing was over, Mallya said outside the court, “I request the banks to fold hands and take back their entire principal immediately.” Both the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and CBI are fighting over his assets and he is not being treated fairly in the process.

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Mallya said ED confiscated my assets on the complaint of the banks that I am not paying. I have not committed any offense under the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) that the ED seize my assets on my own. Let me tell you that Mallya, 64 years old, is accused of cheating banks by taking a loan of about Rs 9000 crore. He is wanted in cases of money laundering and fraud on behalf of various Indian investigative agencies.

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