Violence in Delhi Jamia University

Violence in Delhi: Delhi Police Forcibly Entered Jamia Campus and Beats Protesting Students


Violence in Delhi: Delhi Police Forcibly Entered Jamia Campus and Beats Protesting Students: Students studying in the library at Jamia Millia Islamia have accused the Delhi Police of dropping tear gas shells and beat the students. They say that without the permission of the university administration, Delhi Police reached the library through campus, where more than a hundred students were studying.


According to the students, the police also beat the students by going to the toilets. Many students have suffered serious injuries in this. Frightened by the sudden attack, the students started running around. The students ran towards the upper floor of the library, but here too, due to tearing gas, the situation of the students got worse.

Several students broke out of the library window and came out. Because, at the main gate, the police were firing tear gas. Students say they have also made videos of the library. The students uploaded audio and video on social media and sought help from the university administration and the Delhi Police Commissioner.

The university administration got information about tear gas and Lathicharge of the police in the library. He immediately ordered police officers to leave the campus.

The students also allege that he left with both hands up to go home from the library. Those students who were stayed with the girls in the library, police could not beat them. Despite this, police have beaten the students. With this, for the second time, the university administration has objected to the Delhi Police Commissioner for tear gas and beaten the students on campus without permission.

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Jamia’s Chief Proctor Wasim Ahmed Khan alleged that the police entered the campus without permission and beaten the teachers and students studying and expelled them from there. The university’s VC Najma Akhtar condemned the incident, saying that the students who were in the library have been safely evacuated.

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