Whatsapp Dark Mode Feature

Whatsapp Dark Mode Theme Feature Will Be Launched Very Soon – Report Reveals


Whatsapp Dark Mode Theme Feature: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is about to launch Dark Mode, which has long been discussed. Earlier, several reports were leaked about this mode of WhatsApp, which revealed the information about the launch. But recently a report from WAbeta Info revealed that this mode is in the last phase of testing.


So it can be assumed that users of Android and iOS will get support for this dark mode in the coming days. Let me tell you that Facebook has previously supported Dark Mode for Messenger and Instagram users. However, WhatsApp has not yet shared official information about the launch of this new Whatsapp feature.

When will WhatsApp Dark Mode launch?

According to media reports, WhatsApp is working on dark mode to improve its users’ experience. It is expected that this feature will be introduced to all users by June or July. At the same time, the messaging app launched several special features for the users. Finally, WhatsApp has launched the Dark Mode feature for its users. Here you can try this awesome WhatsApp feature.

WhatsApp low data mode

WhatsApp works on low data mode and delete message feature in addition to dark mode. Talking about low data mode, the company will introduce this feature for iOS users. At the same time, users will be able to reduce data consumption through this feature. Earlier this feature was made available for WhatsApp Calling.

According to the report, as soon as you turn on this mode, this feature will automatically prevent photos and videos from downloading even after setting the auto-downloading on. You will also be able to prevent auto-download voice messages from being downloaded. At the same time, it will reduce data consumption substantially.

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Delete message feature

WhatsApp will soon come up with a delete message feature for its Android users. Through this feature, users can set timings and delete messages. Currently, this feature has been kept in the testing phase until now. At the same time, this feature is expected to launch soon.

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