WHO Says Coronavirus spreads quickly among smokers

WHO Says Coronavirus spreads quickly among smokers, know who can become easy victims of Covid-19


Coronavirus: Millions of people are infected if thousands of people have died in bed due to the coronavirus epidemic. In this way, the entire global health has come in the grip of a very big threat. The WHO is monitoring the outbreak and providing all kinds of information and resources to control the damage. Forget developing countries, even developed countries like the United States and China are unable to fight with the coronavirus, where it has killed thousands of people.


At the same time, social distancing and lockdown have caused panic among the people. On the other hand, anyone coming into direct contact with infected people can become a victim of this deadly virus and this trend continues. But recently, the WHO has listed some categories that are at the highest risk of COVID-19. That is, these people can fall prey to Covid-19.

According to the WHO’s Instagram post, anyone with a risk of becoming seriously ill may have coronavirus, who was or is currently ill with a serious illness. Also, people with pre-existing medical conditions or chronic respiratory problems such as heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Blood pressure, etc may be affected by coronavirus easily.

Old people are more vulnerable

Originally, it is an autoimmune disease, which largely affects only those with weak immunity. Due to any serious disease, the human body is weakened and the immune system is badly affected. Since you are not healthy enough in terms of immunity, you become an easy target for the virus. If you look at the figures, most of the deaths due to coronavirus have occurred in old people, who had pre-existing problems related to diabetes, poor heart health, high blood pressure, etc.

Elderly people can easily get infected with Novel Coronavirus because of aging The immunity of the human body is affected which weakens over time. Therefore, people above 45 years of age should also take extra care of themselves and keep it closed until the virus is completely destroyed.

Smoking/tobacco may increase the likelihood of coronavirus infection

Wondering how smoking is related to coronavirus? There is a post by the WHO, which explains the risk of COVID-19 on smokers. The post’s caption reads, “Using tobacco products can increase your chances of COVID19. Bringing your hands to your mouth can transfer the virus to your body. Sharing tobacco products can transmit the virus among people. At the same time, the habit of taking tobacco makes your respiratory system weak, which makes you prone to coronavirus.

Cigarette smokers

It should be treated as if, first of all, you are buying cigarettes or tobacco from a vendor (an outsider) who contacts at least hundreds of people. Imagine a coronavirus-positive person who came in contact with the seller and they exchanged cigarettes. Technically, the seller fell victim to the infection and then the chain moved forward. In this way, it is the principle of the coronavirus series.

In another hypothesis, imagine that you have shared your stuff with someone and that person has the virus. The virus was transmitted and with smoking, it entered your body. This is why shared smoking or tobacco products are extremely risky these days. Therefore, the World Health Organization has suggested easy ways to avoid coronavirus.

WHO Easy Tips to Stay Safe:

Keep distance from sick people
Wash hands frequently or keeps them clean.
Take appropriate medication and stay in touch with your doctor the whole time
Quit smoking and drinking until the condition subsides.
Take care of your mental health during the lockdown.

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