Coronavirus in China

Will the heat of the weather do end the Coronavirus (Covid19), what the researchers say


Coronavirus Outbreak: The world community is engaged in finding effective solutions to control Novel Coronavirus (Covid19). Along with this, various politicians and doctors and researchers have expressed the hope that the effect of the virus will decrease with the coming of summer.


US President Donald Trump said earlier this month that Coronavirus would end in April. He argues that such viruses die in the summer.

Trump is not the only leader expected to improve over the summer. Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock has also said that the spread of the virus to the heat will reduce.


Vikas Moyer, director, and head of Fortis Hospital’s Department of Pulmonology, and Sleep Disorders told IANS, “Novel coronavirus (Covid19) is from a wild animal. Infectious, which occurs in winter and is associated with breathing. We have a viral infection at least twice a year. The difference is that this strain of coronavirus is a resistant strain. Hopefully, there will be a decrease in strain by summer.”

More than 2,400 people have died in China so far from Novel Coronavirus. It has now spread to two dozen more countries. Because of this, many international trade programs have been canceled. It has also had a bad effect on tourism. Also, the restriction on China is affecting other sectors of the economy.

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