Yes Bank Credit Card Can Be Used Now

Yes bank announces its customers can pay credit card dues from other bank accounts


Yes Bank Credit Card: The troubled Yes Bank stated on Tuesday that its customers can pay their bank credit cards and loans by different bank accounts. Earlier, because of the money crisis, the Reserve Bank of India had banned its functioning.


Long queues have been seen in the entrance of ATMs and bank branches to withdraw cash after the bank stopped its functioning. Customers have been additionally unable to withdraw cash by different platforms such as Internet banking and digital payments. In addition, foreign exchange companies and bank card companies have been additionally affected.

The Yes Bank tweeted, “IMPS / NEFT services are now restored.” The bank said, “You can pay the dues and debt liabilities of these banks from other bank accounts.” The bank has said that its ATMs are also fully functioning and customers can withdraw the stipulated amount.

Customers can get relief soon

Yes Bank customers can get a big relief soon. RBI can soon remove the ban on more than 50 thousand withdrawals while giving relief to customers. Prashant Kumar, administrator of Yes Bank, appointed by RBI in a conversation with a TV channel, has given this information.

Prashant Kumar said that by the end of this month, it is more likely that the ban on withdrawals of more than 50 thousand will be withdrawn by the end of this week. This can provide great relief to the planets.

He said that the customers of Yes Bank need not be disturbed. Your money is safe. Soon the ban will be lifted and you will be able to enjoy the facilities of the bank as before. He said that for us customers are primary. Since Saturday, ATMs of other banks are also working for Yes Bank customers. Our effort is to provide all the banking facilities to the customers as soon as possible.

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Reserve Bank again assured, all money safe

After the Yes Bank crisis, the Reserve Bank on Sunday tweeted on the misconceptions spread among the people that the account holders’ money is safe. Meanwhile, Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian also said, Indian banks have a good capital base and there is no need to fear.

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